Given her non-art background, the fact that she is producing something unconventional, socially provocative, and perhaps even artistic on some level, in a realm that we typically associate only with crass baseness gives us reason to pause. However, I found myself more impressed by her writing than anything else. She describes her work in the guise of a personal narrative, like something out of that great metaphor for puberty and lost innocence, Au Hasard Balthazar.

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Filipino artist and actress nominated for a feminist porn award, May Ling Su, dismantles the preconception of periods as being unhygienic and something that must be concealed from certain spaces by bridging the gap between menstruation and sexuality in her 2010 piece On My Period. Reclaiming the traditionally period-free space of the beach while fiercely posing for a camera, she embraces her stance as a seductress using her blood to make tribal-esque patterns and designs on her naked body.

– Hannah Amadeus Harte, Red is the Warmest Colour

Su’s art takes her menstrual blood and pairs it with her sexuality in a way that clashes the stigma of dirtiness and uncleanliness that menstruation has held for many for centuries.

– Morgan Hecht, Sm{art}: 5 Menstrual Blood Artists/Projects Worth Seeing

Self-taught artist and Feminist Porn Award nominee May Ling Lu uses pen, ink and menstrual blood in her work as part of her detailed documentation of her body’s monthly ritual. There’s a spotting of “period artists” out there, but this one takes it very personally.

– Marina Galperina, 10 Artworks Made with the Artist’s Own Bodily Fluids

Here’s a woman in the industry of pornographic entertainment, writing reverently about her monthly blood flow and presenting herself as feeling sexually attractive particularly during her menstrual time. As writer, creator, producer, editor, director, graphic artist, web-developer, star, you name it of her public broadcast, this seemingly inconceivable bridging of menstruation and sexuality is possible.

Vanessa Tiegs, artist
Sexuality and Menstruation

May Ling Su’s beautiful, wise, feminist, and erotic website…. A fantastic resource and an original piece of work.

Trixie Fontaine, webwhore
Bloody Trixie

There’s no art in fucking mensuh. She smears her mensuh juices all over her body and sticks chopsticks in her hair to look like a devil… Crazy bitch…why didn’t I think of that? Sick? Or Art?

Rosie Yatch

On one such purveyor of period porn,, we see a woman who revels in her menses, even painting her body with her flow. I like to think that such attitudes are commendably progressive. It seems to me that all this fear of a little blood is a throwback from a time when a woman’s sexuality as a whole was seen as evil, a temptation sent by the devil to damn men who weren’t strong enough to resist.

– Anonymous

The On My Period project, for instance, is very challenging, since you do not claim to be ‘extreme’ in any way, but you try to explore the female body in a most natural way. Not by looking to break any taboo, but just by not caring about them (for instance, you are not turning the menstruation period from ‘dirty’ to ‘extra-dirty’, which would be the extremist point of view, but you consider it beautiful).

– Rick, philosophy professor