Who says menstruating women have bad taste?

Raise your menstrual cups and toast to 2015 being the year of the period. Cheers! 2016 is off to a great start as women continue to fight menstruation myths through diligence and a sense of humor.

College Humor pokes fun at menstruation myths. I mean, who doesn’t know menstruation is the only thing stopping our personal demons from bringing on the apocalypse? So be good to your resident females and keep that toilet lid down. You don’t want snakes and alligators crawling out of the toilet and into your home.

Women sushi chefs have good taste! Nadeshiko Sushi in Tokyo is run by women and employs female sushi chefs, much to the chagrin of competitors who insist that women “have an imbalance in their taste” due to the menstrual cycle. Despite the criticism, Nadeshiko Sushi has been going strong since 2010. Here’s wishing them more success in 2016.

May Ling Su can taste a strawberry even while on her period.

I reposted Menstruation Links I’ve been collecting all these years. Thank you, Jessica, for alerting me to broken links. Jessica volunteers for QuitDay.com, an organization that helps women become and stay tobacco-free, and HealthyWomen.org, a women’s health website.

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