How do you like to bleed?

Peek into what the bloody hell women have been using on their periods for the past 5000 years, and the past 100 years. The last three decades on my period, I’ve used pads, tampons, rags, and sponges. I’ve lounged around naked and free flowed. Nowadays I’ve been using the silicone menstrual cup paired with Thinx panties. This combination wins for me because it is reusable, therefore more economical and ecological.

The initial investment may be more expensive than a box of tampons but it pays off in the long run. Thinx panties range between $24 for a pair of thongs rated for light flow to $38 for a pair of high-waist panties rated for medium flow. The heavy flow hiphuggers are $34. I prefer the sport panties for medium flow, which set me back $32 a pair.

But before you whip out your credit card, there is competition in Dear Kate, which markets panties for light menstrual days, leakage, and incontinence. I haven’t tried their collections, but they offer a wider variety of styles and colors to choose from.

I’ve free flowed on my sport Thinx on day one and toward the end of my period. I’ve leaked on them on my heaviest days. The panties are not completely dry on the surface touching my body. There is moisture. I wipe it off with toilet paper and carry on. What it does well is keeps me from bleeding through to my clothes.

Menstrual cups range in price between $16 for the Iris Cup to approximately $120 for the Size B Moon Cup. I use Diva Cup, which is mid-priced at $30 and recently advertised that they are available now at Target. Woohoo! Menstrual cups are going mainstream!

I’d still love to have a more ecological answer to the menstrual cup. I love that it’s reusable, but maybe someday it could be made from a medical-grade material that is biodegradable. Until then, here is the Wonderful World of Period Patents to inspire us on our quest to invent the breakthrough menstrual product of the century.

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  1. I think more women stick to the conventional pad during that time of the month, but I guess this is all based on preference and familiarity, useful post.

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